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Houston Attractions

Houston, Texas is well known for being a vibrant and artistic city that is quite different from the traditional Texas you may think of in modern times. Houston is popular all over the world for being an eclectic mix of people from various backgrounds, unique things to do, cultural attractions, mouthwatering dining options, and cool culture. Let’s check out the top five attractions to see during your stay in Houston — we promise you will never be bored while you vacation here in this busy city!

Space Center in Houston

Are you looking to learn more about space exploration from the United States? If so, head to the Space Center in Houston! Plus, we think this is one of the best spots to bring your kids so they can learn more about air travel, understand the importance that NASA has on today’s science, and view replicas of the most famous shuttles that ever existed. Make sure you spend time in the visitor center, the Johnson Space Center, and take the Level 9 Tour to see the inner workings of the detailed space center building.

View Artwork at the Museum of Fine Arts

The Museum of Fine Arts in Houston is one of the best museums and cultural attractions in the entire country, featuring over 60k pieces of art, sculptures, pottery items, and much more. Featuring French and Italian paintings, the European and American influence is ideal for adults who want to learn more about decorative artwork and paintings that influenced Texan culture.

Bring Your Kids to the Houston Museum of Natural Science

Can’t get enough education? Then head to the Houston Museum of Natural Science to learn more about paleontology, skeletons, insects, and astronomy! We love bringing our kids here for a relaxing afternoon inside during a rainy day in Texas.

Take a Day Trip to the Houston Zoo

Last but not least, visit the Houston Zoo to see the animals in action. You might even get to witness giraffe feeding and up-close marine life! Spend a few hours outside on the walking trails or kayaking on McGovern Lake with your best friends.