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Galveston Restaurants

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Galveston is a cute and quaint coastal city off the Gulf of Mexico that is well-known for its bright blue waters, luxurious resorts, white sand beaches, and incredible restaurants. If you are headed to the Lone Star State during your upcoming vacation, there are a few eateries you should keep in mind during your holiday at one of our Porter homes.

Fisherman's Wharf

Are you in the mood for fresh shrimp, mouthwatering crab cakes, and succulent lobster? Head here! This is the ideal spot to come for a relaxed lunch or filling dinner that offers amazing views of the nearby harbor boats. We recommend getting the fresh oysters to split with the table, featuring crunchy bread you can dip into the buttery sauce. Another popular appetizer to keep you full as you wait for the main course is the hearty lobster bisque or the Shrimp issues, stuffed shrimp with spicy cheese! The best part about coming here for a nice dinner is that you can enjoy the happy hour specials between 3 and 6 pm — so, head here for an early evening and get a discounted cocktail with your meal!

Fish Tales

The second choice on our list of best restaurants is Fish Tales, a casual spot with outdoor seating, fresh seafood, and close proximity to the Pleasure Pier. We recommend getting stuffed shrimp as an appetizer or the Seafood Gumbo to split with the table. If you are in the mood for something healthy, don’t worry — this easygoing spot offers salads filled with fresh seafood, vegetables, and fruit!


Next on our list is Waterman’s, a nice restaurant that offers some of the best food in the entire city. You can’t miss their Shrimp Beso with jalapeno cheese, smoked bacon, and a homemade sauce. Other popular dishes include the Texas-style fish with jumbo lump crab meat.

Gaido’s Seafood Restaurant

As you can see, seafood is popular in Galveston — and one of the best for mouthwatering fish is Gaido’s. Head here to partake in a Galveston tradition that has been around for over 100 years. We recommend getting the pork chops, filets, or salmon plates as a lunch or dinner entree.


Yamato is a welcome change from the ever-present seafood. Try the signature sushi rolls, filled with fish, avocado, crunchy seeds, and fresh vegetables for a healthy, shareable lunch with your friends or family.