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Rainforest Pyramid

Travelers who are looking forward to time away from the daily demands of life and heading somewhere they can focus on the fun instead always find what they’re searching for when they set their travel sights on Galveston, Texas. This sunny, fun, and inviting destination is a great place to embrace travel interests of all types and a top destination to check out while you’re here is always Moody Gardens. Known and loved as a vibrant and engaging area attraction, Moody Gardens is filled with opportunities for adventure. That said, when you’re looking to step into an authentic rainforest setting right in the heart of Texas, be sure to make time for a stroll through Rainforest Pyramid while you’re in town. 

An Exceptional Experience with Every Visit 

Located within Moody Gardens at 1 Hope Boulevard in Galveston, the Rainforest Pyramid is a one-of-a-kind attraction that brings a breathtaking ecosystem to life for visitors. Taking time to explore the Rainforest Pyramid is a chance to step into one of the planet’s most precious, yet vanishing landscapes complete with the foliage and inhabitants that you might find if you headed to the rainforest of Brazil. The Rainforest Pyramid invites guests to step into another world entirely through a tree-top canopy entrance. Once inside, the path through the rainforest leads visitors on a quest that takes them into the recreated rainforests of the Americas, Africa, and Asia alike. In total, these rainforests house over 1,700 exotic plants as well as endangered species. Overhead, exotic birds fly free in this space while creatures like sloths and cotton-top tamarins have free range within the rainforest setting too. Guests who make time for a visit will have the chance to encounter species like Giant Amazon River Otters, ocelots, and even Komodo Dragons on-site. 

A Sensational Stop to Remember 

Traveling through the rainforest pyramid, visitors will enjoy even more authenticity in the way of regulated humidity to reflect the actual rainforest. Getting your eyes on the stunning layout is made simple here thanks to a skywalk that extends around 15 feet above the floor. After guests have completed a walk through the canopy, they can enter a hallway that’s packed with exhibits showcasing frogs, snakes, and a variety of other reptiles alike. The on-site water tanks in the rainforest are designed to replicate the bodies of water that would typically be found in an authentic rainforest. From the fascinating colorful fish in the water to the towering tropical trees overhead, moments spent in the rainforest pyramid are always one-of-a-kind. 

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