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5 Things Every Texas Vacation Rental Should Offer Guests

Home5 Things Every Texas Vacation Rental Should Offer Guests

Owning a vacation rental in the great state of Texas can be exciting and comes with a lot of profit potential if it’s done right. The market here is dynamic and the opportunities to grow a vacation rental business are seemingly endless thanks to the year-round arrival of guests from near and far. But simply owning a vacation rental isn’t enough to make it successful. These days, travelers are looking to move beyond traditional stays and savor customized experiences that not only keep them close to the places they can’t wait to explore and experience for themselves, but that provide top-notch luxuries and amenities that are tailored to their needs. An above-and-beyond guest experience is what keeps visitors coming back to your Texas vacation rental time and again and leads to quality referrals too. To make sure you have a property on the market that isn’t only appealing but stands out in a crow, the following five things should definitely be in place for your next guest.  

Make Sure You Have a Fully Equipped Kitchen in Place 

Oftentimes, guests book vacation rentals in pursuit of a stay that’s very unlike the hotels they’re used to. This means they’ll be looking for property amenities that are welcoming, convenient, and offer up a unique home-away-from home feeling that’s accommodating to their stay. Making sure your vacation rental in Texas has a fully equipped kitchen in place is a must when it comes to guest appeal and overall great experiences. A full kitchen stocked up with cooking and baking essentials that includes high-end appliances and custom cabinetry is a great way to set your property apart as a place where guests can easily tailor their activities to their preferences. When guests aren’t out exploring local restaurants, access to a full kitchen lets them know staying in and serving up a home-style meal is also an option. When the kitchen is equipped with spacious counters, your property is going to appeal to those who love to put their chef skills to the test while traveling thanks to ample meal preparation space. A full kitchen is a great place for guests to hand out, enjoy quality time together comfortably and share memories that will hopefully have them reserving your property again the next time they’re in town.  

Offer a Guest Guide 

Having incredible amenities in place is a wonderful way to make your property stand out to guests, but there’s a good chance that a portion of their time is going to be dedicated to sightseeing and local activities too. Let them know that you’re not only a homeowner but a local expert by providing an area guide in your rental! This is a fun, helpful, and personalized way to connect with your guests and give them some insider information beyond the rental to the places they’ve come to experience. If you’re looking to cut costs on paper guides, or you’re worried about things getting taken by accident, consider putting together a digital city guide that guests can download upon arrival. Be sure to include favorite area restaurants, landmarks, entertainment venues, and parks with room for guests to improvise. 

Install a Large television and Wi-Fi 

When your guests aren’t out exploring the city, having a large television in place in your rental as well as easy-to-access wi-fi service is a must. These features keep your guests conveniently connected during their stay and provide a place to enjoy digital entertainment when customized downtime is a priority. This is also going to open your property up to appealing to remote working travelers who require Wi-Fi access when working and traveling simultaneously.  

Include a Luxurious Extra 

There’s a lot of room to pick and choose here, but it’s important to have at least one luxurious, or indulgent feature in your vacation rental that you can highlight to guests as a unique benefit to their stay! This might mean installing a hot tub, fireplace, outdoor entertainment center, pool, or charming lounge. No matter what direction you go, it should be a feature that really sets your property apart and provides your guests with a space where they can feel like royalty, relax, or enjoy entertainment without ever having to leave the parameters.  

Great Customer Service 

Perhaps one of the most essential elements every Texas vacation rental should offer is great customer service. Whether you run your property independently or utilize a property management service, let your guests know exactly who they can reach out to and count on with questions, inquiries, or concerns before, during, and after their stay. This provides visitors with the peace of mind they deserve and lets them know that safety, health, and transparent communication standards are top priorities when they book your home.  

Reach Out Today 

When you’re ready to take your Texas vacation rental to the next level of excellence, or you’re interested in renting a home while you’re here, Porter has you covered. Reach out today to learn more about our rental options and property management services!